Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today, I am peevish about...

... the fact that I have a cold.  Again.

It started as a tickle in my throat, then a chesty cough, and now congestion everywhere.  My head is a snot factory, to which my nose is the spigot.  I have lost my senses of taste and smell, and I'm sure I have Zombie Breath of the Undead.  You think that's redundant?  Nope, merely uber-descriptive.

It's not as though this was the first cold of the season, either.  I was sick over Thanksgiving, up until a few days before Christmas.  Then, I caught this beauty just after we rang in the New Year.  W.T.F?!

I would really like to catch a break and get some immunity from these farking miserable colds.  'Scuse me, now, as I go gnaw on some vitamin C.



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