Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today, I am peevish about...

... relatively little, really.

It's midterm week here at my school, so I have students taking tests and generally behaving in the mornings, and then afternoons for grading with no students.  Granted, I have a metric shit-ton of papers to get through, so I can be righteously peevish about that.  It's still a pretty sweet schedule.

I also get to go out to lunch with some of my colleagues, which I usually enjoy.  The work-husband is usually in fine form over lunch, as is my new work-boyfriend (OMG, hello?  I've somehow picked up a work boyfriend - a 27-year old flirt who has relatively few social boundaries and a thing for "older women."  Does that mean I'm cheating on my work husband?  And wait - I'm now an "older woman?!"  Fuck me running!  Oh, the tangled web we weave...).  Plus, I have my favorite girlfriend teachers around if I get my stuff done, so it's all fun and games by Friday.

So, no peeves here today, really.  Hope your day is relatively peeve-free, too.

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